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Micro ATM Services

The vision of Banas Bank is to build an extensive public banking infrastructure that not only provides quality banking services, but also is available to ordinary citizens in urban and rural India.

The service of Micro ATM from Banas Bank provides convenient banking services to citizens. It’s our main mission to bridge the gap between the availability and accessibility of ordinary citizens providing simple banking services.

This is a banking innovation that can serve any bank customer through our portable device with debit card interface. The Micro ATM Machine is operated by an employee that will include a card reader for all cash withdrawals and balance enquiry transactions from all bank debit cards.

What Transactions Can Be Done at Micro ATM?

Cash Deposit

Cash Withdrawal 

Balance Enquiry

Fund Transfer

Mini Statement

Features of Micro ATM

Banas Bank's MicroATM outlets are an extension of its branch network.

Operated by the Banas Bank employee the Micro ATM tab has touch based user-interface and include a supporting card reader and a receipt printer that prints receipts for all transactions.

The integrated fingerprint sensor is used for authenticating all transactions.

What Are The Benefits of Using Micro ATM?

You can use Micro ATM to expand banking services anywhere in remote areas.

Micro ATM is a portable device.

Interoperable equipment that can work for any bank.

The Micro ATM is inverted to help people of the rural area for the financial inclusion. However, in heavy cash crunch problem like today these types of Micro ATM Machines are boon to everyone.